Body Wrap Oxygen Infusion Procedure resolves complicated skin problems with 4 in 1 near-infrared SMD LED light. Four different wavelength
(red, blue, green and yellow) will help you to safely solve various skin concerns.

Red Light

  • Revitalize skin cell
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Relieve acne scars
  • Atopy, athlete’s foot, psoriasis
  • Pain relief

Blue Light

  • Sterilization of acne bacteria
  • Control of sebaceous glands
  • Prevent inflammation of the wound
  • Calming effect on the skin trouble

Green Light

  • Calming effects
  • Apply on sensitive skin
  • Relaxation mind and body

Yellow Light

  • Red spots and blushing
  • Facial blushing
  • Pigment lesion

This Low Level LED Therapy cures skin problems without side effects. This is a pain-free treatment, which stops recurrence of skin problems by destroying sebaceous glands